getting started

Getting Started

Join us for a Survey Walk or if you are not local to Oxfordshire then join a group near you and walk with them. The BMS maintains a current list of groups at

Invest in a Field Guide book and take it with you on all your walks to study and compare any fungi you find in the field. More recently published books should, of course, be up to date with the latest scientific research but it is worth bearing in mind that DNA analysis and scientific understanding of fungi complexities means that family groupings and naming are subject to change as more and more information is available. In addition no guide can ever be totally complete and cover all known fungi! The study of fungi is very dynamic so don't be down hearted if you seem unable to identify everything you find. None of us can.

Consider courses that are available to enthusiasts of all experience and don't be put off by "being out of my depth". Here are a couple of organisations to consider but explore the internet for more.